Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?
Cookies are harmless text files that can only be read by the website that created them and by you browsing your hard drive and viewing the text file via a program like Notepad.

What cookie are NOT!
Cookies are not programs, nor are they evil intrusive spying tools tracking your every move on the Internet.

What are Cookies Used for?
Cookies are generally used to store your user id and username, date & time you last visited, how many times you have visited and live chat id. Some cookies are a bit more sophisticated. They may record how long you spend on pages on a site, what links you clicked and your choices for layouts and colour schemes.

They are often used to store the products in your ’shopping cart’, adding and removing items as you select them. The uses of cookies are extensive, their role is usually beneficial, making your interaction with favourite sites smoother with less input on your part. Without cookies, online shopping would be much more difficult.

What CAN’T Cookies be Used for?
A cookie cannot be used to get data from your hard drive, get your email address or steal sensitive information about your person.

What Cookies do BonBon Brixham Use?
The only cookies that we might create are; Live Chat, Site Analytics, Shopping Cart, Login User id. All cookies are from our Network, we do not use third party cookies on this website.

Do I need Cookies Enabled?
Cookies in the main are designed to make your life easier. If you disable cookies then the website will not function properly and you might see warnings on every page.

I don’t want cookies enabled, how do I disable them?
If you really don’t want cookies stored on your computer, then that is your right, just as others are entitled to go along with the process. You can control how cookies are accepted and used by your browser by modifying the options in your browsers settings, usually under the privacy tab.

Please check our privacy policy page for further information.